Your AI health & fitness coach.

Basis turns your wearable data into a daily plan around what your body needs.

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Basis App Screens


Grow as you go

Structure gives you a clear view on your docs so you don’t need to worry about ordering and finding them. No mess.

Get organised better

Keep an eye on your team’s progress and workload. Get real-time charts and other visual highlights to share status and spot problems.

Find more clarity

Dive into a doc together and express your first ideas, get feedback, map out a plan or write up the final documentation.

Real-time awareness of what your body needs

Basis was built specifically for you to take control of what your body needs at any given moment. Using data from your smartphone & wearable, Basis continuously 'listens' to real-time cues into what's going on in your body, to track your progress and optimize for your individual needs.

Basis Data Stack screen
Basis Energy Schedule Screen

Built around your daily life & schedule

Building healthier habits doesn't work if it doesn't fit into your day to day. Basis integrates with your calendar & location data to seamlessly plan a healthier lifestyle into your schedule.

With you every step of the way

Whether you want to start sleeping better, exercise more, eat better or manage your overall health needs better, Basis is with you every step of the way, giving you personalized options for everything you're looking to improve.

Basis Habit Autopilot Screen
Basis Energy Schedule Screen

Get rewarded to discover the optimal you

We know it takes effort to make healthy actions. At Basis, we reward you in our native ERC-20 token for every time you follow your recommended actions. The token can be then traded or used for converting it to other rewards from brand partners.

Put your health on auto-pilot today.


Visualize your progress

When it comes to our health - Ready Player You angle.

Basis Habit Autopilot Screen

With Basis, nothing stands in the way of unlocking your best self.

“I truly believe that bringing this type of product to the healthcare world will transform the manner in which we approach chronic disease.”

Miguel D.


"During the day I randomly check out @basis_health to get a sense of how I'm doing. Feels good to really know what's going on."

Zen C.

Product Manager

“I’ve been using an Oura ring, Apple Watch and a smart water bottle for 1 year. I felt they lost their utility until I discovered Basis.”

Kostas A.

Health Coach

"Playing around with @basis_health and I think it's exactly what I needed."

Elon D.

Sr. Software Engineer

“An integrated biodata tracking system is promising - especially if the data is collected with minimal labelling by the user.”

Jessica D.

Registered Dietitian

“The fact that Basis is backed by real-time data will give users tangible progress measurement to address cardiovascular & metabolic disease.”

Sean O.


“The accessibility to continuous monitoring is the next big step in managing my patients’ health.”

Ben H.


“It’s been incredibly insightful and eye opening. I don’t know where to begin!”

Alexis G.

Software Engineer

"@basis_health is so simple and intuitive. Someone finally found the sweet spot, no more, no less!"

Simon S.

Product Manager

"Just got early access to @basis_health and it’s incredible. Some takeaways:
- meal & exercise timing matter a lot!
- not having to constantly come up with healthy options that work for your body is huge
- losing weight when you know what’s going on is sooo much easier."

Tanya R.

Health Coach