Hi there, we're Basis.

As ex-athletes, ex-military, healthcare researchers & health-tech entrepreneurs we've had access to some of the best health education and coaching; and yet, health planning is still hard. This has disastrous consequences to our long term health.

We've all lost family members due to highly preventable diseases and we got into data science & healthcare in order to put a dent in the prevalence of those diseases.

We fundamentally believe that health planning doesn't work because it has too much friction and is treated as a one-size fits all approach.

What if we could remove that friction? What if we could collect real-time information about our body & life and improve upon it? What if we could take all those scattered bits of information and make it seamlessly actionable in our life? And what if, in contrast to everything else in our lives, it was catered only to us and no one else?

Welcome to Basis.

We're on a mission to make preventable disease obsolete.

80% of all disease is preventable through things we can measure, control and modify. Lifestyle-driven diseases represent 90% of U.S. healthcare costs. Meanwhile less than 3% of Americans meet the basic qualifications for a “healthy lifestyle.”

We're on a mission to empower you with the technology you need to stop preventable disease in its tracks. 

The future of healthcare is personalized, proactive & autonomous.

We believe the future of healthcare will be managed with an AI-assisted, autonomous care model that reduces friction & costs and improves health outcomes all while shifting the burden away from physicians.

A data-driven, person-centric care model that is seamlessly integrated in our daily life, personalised to our needs and proactive in nature, can help us mostly forget about doctors, pills, hospitals, and insurance companies.

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Our Guiding Principles

Remove friction.

Friction in any part of life makes things harder. With health planning in particular, friction can be the difference between adopting a good habit or sticking to a bad one.

We promise to always look for ways to remove that friction for you but also never add any new friction.

We keep your data & privacy secure.

We go the extra mile to lock down your data. It's why we build our own systems and only use processors we trust and are absolutely necessary.

Uniquely built for you.

Health planning fails when it's a one-size fits all approach. The way your body behaves, the way you live your life and the way you interact with the world around you is unique.

Your health planning should be too.

Easy to use and no jargon.

With Basis you won't need to decipher data, complex graphs and insights. We make things easy to understand within the context of your daily life.

You're always in control of what we do with your data.

We promise to never sell your data. We're not in the business of selling data and we never will be. And you're always in control of what data you give us.

the Basis Team
Basis Founder George Georgallides

George Georgallides

Founder, CEO

2x healthcare founder, competitive track athlete and Army team leader.

Basis Cofounder Nick Koundouros

Nick Koundouros

Founder, CPO

AI researcher focused on heart research @ Harvard, Special Forces  and competitive tennis player.

Basis Cofounder Antonis Michael

Antonis Michael

Founder, CSO

AI researcher focused on behavioral research @ MIT, amateur cyclist and top ranked Army officer

Basis Cofounder Konstantin Rolf

Konstantin Rolf

Founder, CTO

AI researcher focused on sports performance, top ranked CS & Math.

Basis Advisor Brinnae Bent

Brinnae Bent


Digital health data scientist prev @ Duke, lead developer at Digital Biomarker Discovery Pipeline, and ultra-runner.

Basis Advisor Thomas Scherr

Thomas Scherr


Connected DX expert, currently CEO at Pragma DX, research @ Vanderbuilt.

Basis Advisor Pavlos Protopapas

Pavlos Protopapas


Scientific program director @ Harvard IACS, Ph.D in theoretical physics from UPenn and led Harvard IIC.

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