Hi there, we're Basis.

As ex-athletes, ex-military, healthcare researchers & health-tech entrepreneurs we've had access to some of the best health education and coaching; and yet, health planning is still hard. This has disastrous consequences to our long term health.

We've all lost family members due
to highly preventable diseases and we got into data science & healthcare in order to put a dent in the prevalence of those diseases.

We fundamentally believe that health planning doesn't work because it has too much friction and is treated as a one-size fits all approach.

What if we could remove that friction? What if we could collect real-time information about our body & life and improve upon it? What if we could take all those scattered bits of information and make it seamlessly actionable in our life? And what if, in contrast to everything else in our lives, it was catered only to us and no one else?

Welcome to Basis.