Wearables may know better than your doctor

Wearables may know better than your doctor

Are you fed up not knowing if you're healthy or not? Having a wearable can give you deep insights as to what you are trying to discover that being information about your sleep, metabolic health and many more. Long gone are the days that you need to see a doctor to fix your health state. Just use your wearable and follow the personalized insights it gives you.


We live in a world where our safety and health is our number one priority. But sometimes our busy lifestyle creates difficulty to the healthy decisions we want to make. All the extra effort required travelling to the gym after a long and stressful day at the office or cooking a healthy meal is too much when you are starving and there's leftover pizza in the fridge.

The Problem

Today, only 3% of Americans are considered healthy. But the truth is that we choose unhealthy options unconsciously just because they are easy. Junk food delivered to our door, alcohol to relieve stress, too much caffeine to keep us energized hoping we meet our work deadlines or even losing sleep by binge watching our favorite TV series. We then complain the extra weight we gain, feeling tired constantly and many more.

But even worse, when these bad habits accumulate they form the demon we all wish to avoid, chronic disease. Chronic disease negatively affects more than 40% of the US population as we speak.

The healthcare system is today can be described as reactive. We engage in unhealthy habits, then we are stuck in that vicious cycle unable to stop, the problem keeps growing and when there's no other option we are given a prescription from a doctor hoping that would solve the problem. But sometimes, putting a bandaid on the problem just won't do, we have to tackle the problem from the source.

The Solution

A personalized, proactive healthcare system. In one word, wearables. A few years ago, sleep science was a big question mark to us. Today, with wearables such as Ōura or WHOOP, we can not only track our sleep everyday, but also get insight about the quality and even notify you when you should make adjustments to your sleep schedule.

Heart Rate can be displayed in real time today. In fact, we can see the trend of how our heart rate varies throughout the day helping us understand how various activities impact us.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) has been a huge advance in wearable tech. HRV is a plays a huge role in algorithms determining stress, recovery, body strain and energy. In fact, WHOOP and Ōura understand how you feel everyday and give you recommendations as to what you can do to make the best out of your day and be healthy.

Body Temperature is vital to our health. It reveals deep insights into your current state of metabolism, immune function, fitness, hydration and ability to endure environmental stressors. Today, we don't need a thermometer with us 24/7 to check our body temperature. Our wearables do it for us and tell us how to normalize it if we are going offroad.

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Blood glucose is a vital  biomarker to so many people. 10% of all Americans are diabetic with 1 in every three adults being pre-diabetic. Levels promotes a way to measure your metabolic health by displaying how each food can impact you specifically, making it easy to optimally tailor your diet.

Exercise with today's technology doesn't even require you to have a personal trainer or even a gym membership to be fit. Personalized workouts with home smart mirrors allow you to control your form and workout alongside a digital trainer.

Sleep is the most important biomarker for everyone. Remember how you felt after pulling that all-nighter? 70% of US adults are sleep deprived, with 84% of all millennials having experienced burnout. This not only costs $5 billion dollars each year for the healthcare industry but is also one of the causes for chronic disease such as depression.

The Conclusion

All these wearable solutions describe a new era -  A proactive healthcare system.

It's only human to go offroad sometimes. It is okay to have a drink with your friends or enjoy a pizza every now and then. Today's technology will hold you informed and accountable. Even better, wearables can communicate insights as to what and how you can act to get back on track and continue your healthy lifestyle.

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