My Daily Routine: Tom Nicknish

My Daily Routine: Tom Nicknish

How Tom, the president of Vived Learning incorporates healthy habits in his routine.

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Can you please start by telling us your name and what you do? 

Sure. My name is Tom , I run Vived Learning. It's a 3D engaging education software company designed to help students in the areas of STEM and CTE learn.

How do you start your day? 

I typically know it's probably going against the patterns that I hear a lot of people talk about, but I start with emails. So I tend to start with customer service and try to see what issues are out there and then work my way through different tasks that we have for our team. A lot of times, especially on a Monday, we're trying to design a sprint. And so I will meet with our head of engineering, just go through what we're going to try and tackle for the week. And then from there it's just either again trying to catch up with the emails from the weekend or just diving right into new tasks. It can be in the areas of product design again, customer service, sales, business development, etc. A lot of times I'll walk trying to get some type of limited exercise in and the first thing in the morning trying to get kids out ready for school. Then, like I said, just dive into work. As far as the rest of the day, I end up doing a lot more of the reading and research stuff at night. Most of the afternoons I schedule meetings and try to get in front of either potential prospects or designs, you know, some sort of a marketing campaign or something of that nature. 

How does it feel when you don't get to include any health habits in your day? 

If I miss a day of walking or exercise, it definitely impacts me quite a bit. Just from an energy standpoint, it feels like I'm missing something. 

How do you plan your day? How do you track it? 

Oh yes. I use mainly Google Calendar, but then also Trello to just position myself against the objectives that I have. And then as a team, we use Jira. And so I'm constantly going between the three to figure out what needs to happen or what is currently happening. 

Final question, what’s your health stack? 

I tried it for a bit, but I found myself looking at all the data a little too much. I started obsessing about it and so I got kind of out of the game. Every once in a while, I'll look at my phone to see what my health app says I've done, but now I'm not really big at monitoring that as much. One area that I do emphasize a little bit is intermittent fasting, so that's really helped me to keep my energy levels up. 

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