My Daily Routine: Chris from Asset Gift

My Daily Routine: Chris from Asset Gift

How Chris, founder of Asset Gift incorporates healthy habits in his routine


Hey Chris, how's it going?

Hey, Nick. Good to finally catch up!

Last time we talked, you had a really, really exciting idea. How'd you come up with it?

Yes. Okay. So, um, it's funny. There's kind of that moment where an idea comes into your mind, but there's a background as well. So my girlfriend and I are actually looking into wedding planning and the cost of it. But we have different opinions on that.As a result one of the things that I was wondering is why can't my guests just give me Bitcoin? I would prefer that you know, because this way maybe one day the wedding could pay for itself, right? Like maybe one day, you know, they give us like a, maybe hopefully a couple thousand dollars and it goes up by a little bit and then the wedding's paid for it.

It came to my head. I was like, oh, that's a good idea. Uh, but I let it sit and then, you know, maybe a month or so again, we were doing that, looking at venues and it came up again. I was like, okay, um, I'm kind of in a place right now where I wanted to prove to myself that I could get into the co-founder world. I have a web development background so I've just basically challenged myself instead of like talking about the idea to actually do it. So that's how it came about. And then I just asked two people. I asked my girlfriend, my sister and like my close advisor and they were both, agreed that it's a good idea. So that's kind of the process of how it happened, but it was through basically wanting to find a way to collect crypto for my future wedding.

Awesome that's actually something I would want to use! So Chris, how do you start your day?

So this is good question also to go back into the background. So because of COVID,I went back home to spend time with my family and girlfriend. My girlfriend lives in Denmark and my family's in Jamaica.So I split my tie between those two countries. Mostly when I'm in Jamaica my day starts with some coffee and breakfast. I'll go in my car and drive to the coffee store when I'm in Denmark. I just walk down the street, get a croissant. My mind doesn't feel ready to start like doing focus work until about 10, 10 30. So in the time in between, I'll like maybe do basic stuff, like go on YouTube, read, talk to my girlfriend et cetera.

Once my mind is in the state of like able to focus, I'll go find a quiet space to work. So in that'll be like a library or in my house somewhere usually without distractions. I try to work in like two hour maximum sprints because I find that after two hours I become less productive and then I'll take a break and then focus on something else. Then at some point I'll either play football or go run depending on the day. Um, and the exercise helps when you eat and then connect with people and then back to work at night. So kind of a good routine where you're never working too often. You still get time to have downtime, focus on other things, browse internet, hang out with your family or friends.

How do you feel when you don't get to include these healthy habits during your day?

Yeah man good question. Thank you. I know this is probably a lot about what you're working on. Yes. Uh, it's weird. For me it was just about like observation, like observing when I wasn't productive. There's both the mental and the physical health aspect and they're both actually tied together for me. When I don't have that routine I find myself very confused. I need the routine. And then second off I need to have moments where I can remove myself from distraction and that could even mean family. Like whether it's my parents at home or my girlfriend or phone. If I don't have that, then what happens is when I don't get the work that I want to get done, I feel very defeated.

It creates a cycle, because the moment you get distracted it leads to feeling like you didn't accomplish what you're supposed to accomplish. And then you feel like you lost a day and then you get sad. The physical part is just great because running or football helps to take your mind off of everything. It helps to blow off steam and destress. Yeah, it took a while to realize these things by myself but it's very important. Like the routine is critical for me.

How do you track and plan your day?

Yeah. Yeah. I would say a calendar. I have like a notebook where when I start the day, I just write down kind of the goals I wanna accomplish. When I write things down ever since like school days, like when I study, I would like study and take notes. Having it down on paper feels like it's one step closer to reality. So the notebook is kind of the key.

What's your health stack?

Oh yeah, health stack. I just ordered the new iPhone. I also use the smart scale. I like to track my weight. Um, just so I know, like I'm still not like falling out of that. The apple watch is not the best for me. Um, because uh, I find that keep losing it for some reason.I like the smart scale because it gives me a historical view of my health. I love that feature. So I dunno if that's something that you're um, so that can do, but uh, that would be helpful.

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